Posted on Jul 15, 2022

Divorce Lawyers Jamaica

Documents to Bring to Your Consultation With Divorce Lawyers

I. Income documents
Income documents are critical to the entire divorce process because the court needs to understand your current financial status and employment status to consider child support, alimony, and property division. The documents include income tax returns, payslips, and other additional income documents.

II. Real Estate documents
Real estate is the major asset that anyone needs to take into consideration. If it is a property purchased during the marriage, it is marital property and will need to be divided into two during the divorce (unless stated otherwise).

Real estate owned before marriage can also come to play if the martial funds were used to pay for repairs and the mortgage.

III. Life Insurance documents

Next up on the priority list is life insurance policy documents. Life insurance is often viewed as spousal support, and the policy’s cash value could be divided by the court in the case of a divorce and can even order a beneficiary charge for child support.

You will need the statements regarding the life insurance policy on your life, your spouse’s life, or your children (if any). The attorney will also require more details about the insurance’s liability.

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